The Sergeant's Trials

Each Serjeant candidate must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the An Tir Book of Combat as it relates to the rules of engagement and marshalling. Warranted Senior Armoured Marshals are not required to complete this trial.

Weapons Skills

Candidates should be competent to fight with a variety of weapons in the following categories:
  1. Shield (round, heater, kite, other) and one-handed weapon (sword, mace, axe, other)
  2. Two-handed weapons (two-handed axe, two-handed sword, two-handed maul, florentine)
  3. Polearm (glaive, spear, greatsword, pike, other)
The choices must include two variants from category 1 (which must include the ability to use two different shield styles) and one each from categories 2 and 3.
Candidates will be required to demonstrate an ability to instruct on the basics of all of the above weapons and combinations, have a firm understanding of each type of weapon and its design and to be able to fight with weapons from each of the categories named above and to use these weapons safely.