Defender of Seagirt (Armoured Combat)
Viscount Kheron Azov (AS 58 - 2024)
Previous Defenders

Captain of Her Excellency's Own Grenadiers (Rapier Combat)
Don Conall MacLagmayn (AS 58 - 2024)
Previous Captains of the Grenadiers

Marksman of Seagirt (Target Archery)
Lord Azriel di Cabra (AS 57 - 2023)
Previous Marksman

Huntsman of Seagirt (Thrown Weapons)
Archos Athelina Grey (AS 57 - 2023)

Previous Huntsman

Keeper of the Flame of Knowledge (Arts & Sciences)
Máel Brigte ingen Aimirgin (AS 58 - 2023)
Previous Keepers of the Flame

Siren of Seagirt (Bardic)
Valka Vǫlur (AS 59 - 2024)
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Champion's Regalia