Some of you may be noticing that there have been changes to the site, lately.

This is because Esa inghean Alasdair has passed the torch on to Æbbe aet Uuluic, who will be serving as Webminister for the next two years. Æbbe has big plans, including the following:

  • Bringing the website up-to-date
  • Creating a dynamic home page that can be used as a reference tool by the populace
  • Addressing update suggestions that come in from the populace
  • Ensuring the website is brought into compliance with both the Kingdom web standards and the SCA's Online Privacy and Data Policies
  • Evaluating form and function and compare with the needs of the barony
  • Rebuilding the site with fresh, new design, improved function, and maximum accessibility
  • Employing analytics to inform web practice

The website may look chaotic at times, but only while the new site is being designed and built. If you have any suggestions, you can e-mail them to the Webminster.