This year's Daffodil Tournament and Dance has been CANCELLED. 

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Let’s Dance!
Daffodil Tournament and Dance is fast approaching and this year will be a treat for everyone! This event is not to be missed and will be a ton of fun!

Things to do!
Heavy and Rapier championships hopefully with a twist of fighting in amongst a treed Eric (if weather permits) followed swiftly by an all-afternoon and evening dance including all levels of experience, and games tavern with snacks provided. We will have our traditional Arts & Science (A&S) challenge of a Daffodil in any Medium which is always fun and interesting. We will have lovely merchants to do trade with and classes to expand your knowledge.

We will have delicious day food (at a cost) arranged by Lady Giovanna and two stew options (vegan and meat) (for a small fee) later in the evening. Guests are welcome to bring their own food for dinner or utilize Skip The Dishes. Complimentary snacks will be provided later in the evening by the fabulous Seagirt Culinary Guild.

The following day we will be at our Metchosin range (4409 Bennett Road) for archery and thrown weapons challenges with prizes! Please note that if you have not attended the Saturday’s festivities then there is a gate fee of $10 ($5 discount for members).


  • Heavy and Rapier Championship with prizes
  • Dance and Games Tavern (with bar)
  • Archery and Thrown Weapons (Sunday only) with prizes
  • Daffodil in any medium A&S challenge with prizes
  • Merchants
  • Classes
  • Free Parking
  • Nearby grocery, restaurants, fast food, pharmacy, hotel

Entrance Fees

Saturday and Sunday - Adult $30
Sunday - Archery and Thrown Weapons Tourneys for those NOT attending Saturday $10
Youth 0-18 Free

*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the entrance fees.

Event Team

Leslie Eaton - Event steward
Athelina Grey - Dance MiC (and Archery and Thrown MiC)
Seamus MacDonald & John Mail-Macandrew - Games Masters
Shannon Shields & Sarah Miles of Twisted Sisters - Tavern Drinks Crew
James Llewellyn & Pasqua Terrone - Stew masters
Don McConnell - Our Day Food Maven and Master
Janice Mandy - Merchant Wrangler
Jen Peters - Classes Coordinator

Looking for Gate, Setup and Takedown coordinators (plus a few others and always always always, many volunteers)

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