Sealion War was held at the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society - Heritage Acres near Victoria on May 24-26, 2019. Information for 2020 will be posted here once information is known.

The Normans are coming! The tides are changing and we fear a Norman Invasion on the shores of our Emerald Isle! This is a call to arms to all those Lords and Ladies who wish to defend our gentle shores from the Barony of Lions Gate invaders. There will be armoured fighting, archery, thrown weapons, classes, merchants, and more!

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An Tir Event

May 24-26, 2019
Saanich Historical Artifacts Society - Heritage Acres
7321 Lochside Drive, Saanichton, BC, V8M 1W4

Event Fees

Adults: $30 with $5 SCA Member Discount
Minors (0-18): Free


4pm           Site Opens
7pm           Class - Cooking Over Coals

9am          Opening Court
9:30am    Rapier Inspection (after court)
10am        Rapier Point
                  Archery/TW Populace Scenarios Begin
10:30am  Class - Novus
1pm          Heavy Inspection
                  Class – Nalbinding
1:30pm    Heavy Point
2pm          Archery/TW Populace Scenarios End
                  Archery Point
                  Class – Finishing Seams
3pm          Class – Intro to Fingerloop Braiding
4:30pm    Court
6pm          Thrown Point
7pm          Class – Drumming
8pm          Bardic Point
9pm          Bardic

9am           Arts Point
10am         Archery Fun Shoot
                   Thrown Weapons range open
11am          Closing Court
2pm           Site Closes

Arts Point: Not-the-Bayeux Tapestry Contest. Create a new artwork in any medium inspired by the style of the Bayeaux Tapestry. Beauty and authenticity to the period will be weighed equally.

Bardic Point: A Story of Invasion. In whatever bardic form, either individually or in a group, tell a story of an invasion.