Welcome to the Barony of Seagirt in the SCA!

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Photo courtesy of Duchess Meagan

Baronial Althing

Come to our new gathering on Tuesdays at the New Horizons Center in James Bay.
This Week we will be running our regular Dance Classes in the main hall,
In the back room we will be working on Gold Key Tunics and Pennants
this month as one of the A&S projects..

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Come join us for our Annual Daffodil Tournament and Feast
Information about the Daffodil Tournament.

Photo courtesy of Cian Mor (Gerald Ford) - SCA Digital photo archives
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Farspeaker Data Entry Are you included in the new up and coming branch directory?

We have also added a page on Court. Over time we will add items of interest to court such as what is largesse?

We are pleased to have Facebook as our official communication board
NEWS FLASH!!       The Baron and Baroness of Seagirt invite you to witness history as combatants vie for the title of Defender of Seagirt and Captian of the Grenadiers at Daffodil 2017 please see upcoming events for more information
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