Welcome to the SCA!

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and the Barony of Seagirt welcome you to the Middle Ages. The SCA is a non-profit worldwide organization with over 60,000 people who re-create the Middle Ages from 600 to 1600 AD through songs, dance, clothing, weaving, combat, archery, metalworking and much more. Honour, chivalry and courtly love are valued highly in our society. We bring our knowledge, skills and love of history together in a safe and fun environment for all to enjoy. For more information select The SCA Inc on THE SCA tab above.

Our Barony

The Barony of Seagirt is a branch of the SCA located in Victoria British Columbia. We are a non-profit educational group that seeks to learn about pre-17th century history. We do so by creating the persona of a person that could have lived at that time and participating in a variety of period activies such as dance, arts and sciences, medieval games, warfare, archery, cooking, and more.

Our Principality

The Barony of Seagirt is part of a reigonal group called the Principality of Tir Righ, which covers all the lands of British Columbia and the northern part of Washington. There are a number of branches in the principality, if you are not from Victoria and wish to find a group near you, go to The SCA tab and select the Principality of Tir Righ.

Our Kingdom

The Barony of Seagirt, and the Principality of Tir Righ are part of a larger regional group called the Kingdom of An Tir, which covers all the lands of British Columbia, Washington State, Oregon,and part of Northern Idaho. There are a great number of branches in the kingdom, if you are not from BC and wish to find a group near you, go to The SCA tab and select the Kingdom of An Tir.

How Do I Begin?

Send an email to the person in charge of greeting and guiding newcomers ( called a Chatelaine) at chatelaine@seagirt.tirrigh.org to find out more information about upcoming events and classes, locations and times of practices, helpful information on how to make armour, what you need for your first SCA event, how to begin creating a persona and more. Our Chatelaine is here to help answer your questions.

Events and Practices

Events are a large part of what we do in the society from those that focus on recreating medieval foot combat to those that focus on recreating the crafts of the medieval period. Many events will have multiple activities going on. Events vary from weekend-long camping events to an evening of feasting and dancing. For upcoming events in seagirt please see our upcoming events page. If you are going to your first event, you could contact the Event Stewards (person in charge ot that event) and let them know that you are new and ask if you can help with something at the event. This is a great way to get started in the SCA, and get to know people in the SCA.

You should also contact the local Chatelaine for the area and talk to them about what you need to bring to the event. – for example, it is common for people to supply their own plates, cutlery and beverage containers for feasts they attend.

The Chatelaine can help guide you as to what you will need for the event that you are choosing to attend.

You may attend an event whether you are a member of the SCA or not. For some events there is a Member's Discount of $5.00. (ex. Adults $20 for event, Members $15.).

If you wish to become a member of SCA Inc. visit the SCA Inc website for more information.


Practices are what we do each week in order to get ready for an event. We have many different practices which include
Armoured Combat (sword fighting),
Rapier (fencing),
Youth Combat,
Dance and
Arts and Science (arts and crafts),
Weekly Bardic circles(Songs, Poetry, Music, Etc.).

All of our practices are located in the Greater Victoria area, Please contact the Officer in charge and let them know that you are planning to attend as there is loaner gear available to use.

What is Garb and Where Do I Get it?

"Garb"is our term for the medieval clothing we wear. There are many ways to get ideas for garb. All we ask is that you make an attempt to be period and arrive in garb for event. For your first event we can provide loaner garb for all ages, please contact our Chatelaine. For more information on garb you can contact our Arts and Sciences Officer at artsci@seagirt.tirrigh.org

Mailing Lists and Newsletter

We have many email lists, which you can join to be kept abreast of current events in the area. The detailed list of our Social Media locations can be found in the Library tab. The main list that is used by our Barony is called the Rocks. We also have a Quarterly newsletter called Glaucous.

The SCA's Newcomer's Portal has a myriad of resources available for people who are new to this society.

Newcomers Portal