Court in the SCA

The word court generally refers to a formal gathering of an SCA chapter, presided over by its ceremonial leaders.

The primary activities of a court include announcements, presentations and awards from the leaders to individuals in the group.

A second meaning for this word refers to the retinue of the royalty, as in "Talk to a member of the court." These are folk who are trusted by the royalty to assist them during Their Reign ... sometimes this includes the herald, but not always. Sometimes members of the court "run interference" to keep the royals from being overwhelmed, they are also a good way to find out details about the plans the Royals have for future events, etc. If you find it hard to talk to the Royalty, try to talk to a member of Their Court.

Some folk refer to members of the court as the Retinue or Royal Retinue.


The generosity of royalty has been termed "largesse" throughout history.

The giving of largesse allows Crowns and Coronets to show that Their wealth and happiness is a direct result of the wealth and happiness of the people of The Land. Not only is gift-giving expected of Royalty, is is an extension of Their courtesy. It is Their chance to give something back to the populace and say thank you to those who are deserving.

The populace - the craftspeople, artisans, merchants - any and all interested, are asked to donate items to be given away as gifts. These donations have benefits that are two-fold: the Royals will have a wide and diverse stock of items to choose from to give away as gifts to help alleviate the burden of financial expense; and the artisans have the opportunity to have exposure for their work, not only to be recognized by the Royals and populace, but perhaps even throughout the Known World.

It should be stressed that the largesse items are ideally handmade or period in nature, ie: lengths of fabric; purchased hand-blown glass, etc. can be acceptable. Items should be as period as possible, or at least medieval in flavour. Items that can be given away in sets, pairs or individually are also acceptable. These items are bestowed by the Royals as They see fit: gifted to other Royalty, as prizes for event winners/sponsored prizes, or to other such deserving gentles.

Remember that items will sometimes be travelling, perhaps even great distances, both to and from events. Therefore size, weight, and breakability must be considered. When accepting donations, the items should be well packaged, and a written description (including name of artisan and branch) should be included with the item. Items that are not given away are passed on to the next set of Royalty. All the items should not be given away during one reign. Ideally, the requests to keep gifts coming in should be continuous, so there is enough to fill the need of one reign with enough left over to continue on to the next.

Let Us show the populace of the Known World the quality of work that our people can produce.